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April 14, 1942

Shelling from Bataan and from south shore continues—also bombing. It is surprising how little damage is done with all the bombing and shelling.

Some guns have had near misses and were out of action temporarily, but the ordnance always seems to be able to get them back in action again. Heard a rumor today—or rather a report from an officer who escaped from Bataan, that the Japs take the uniforms away from Americans in Bataan and tell them to walk to Manila where their uniforms will be returned to them. A good way to save gasoline anyway. On the other hand, another officer reported that all personnel were evacuated in trucks to Manila. It is rather difficult to get the real facts in any of these things. We had some planes come up from Australia to Del Monte, Mindanao, and stage several attacks yesterday and the day before. Attacks were made on shipping at Davao and Cebu—also on enemy occupied airfields. Considerable damage reported. The planes returned to Australia last night, but the Japs will probably be looking for them.