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April 9-15, 1942

Then on April 9-1942 General King of Air [Artillery] Corp surrendered troops of Bataan to Nips. Then started on hike to O’Donnell. Hiked 4 days an[d] nights without a bite to eat stoped over night in Balanga took bath in river got on road aga[i]n stoped aga[i]n at some little tow called Lubao next morning got half canteen cup of dry rice an[d] salt. Was the first food on hike. Then sun was so hot an[d] was so weak I went out of head about 1350 afternoon when came to was just at sundown an[d] had hiked into San Fernando stayed over night there an next morning caught train into Capas walked on into O’Donnell evening of April 15-1942 food was very poor there most of time just rice little soup few potatoes. Everybody came down with malaria an[d] disentry as many as 64 in one day died there.