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April 18, 1942

Saturday Ft. Hughes

This has been one of the quietest days to date. We fired one shot only, and that merely to help adjust one of the mortars on its track. The Japs fired none at us nor dropped any bombs on us. It must be a Jap holiday, I’m sure that Lt. Col. Hopkins, U.S.Army, did not appreciate it when I suggested that we had won the battle today with our one shot. The disorganization continues to leave me in awe. Tonight after all hands had turned in we were informed that 100 powder charges were arriving from Ft Mills and that we would have to manhandle it, using 25 men. I don’t know why they couldn’t have given us a little time to get the party organized. To my orderly way of living aboard ship and the relative efficiency aboard ship, this is a terrific shock. I just can’t get used to it nor approve. This evening a rumor that U.S. bombers had blitzed Tokyo was in the air and caused considerable stir. I hope it’s true but it was not confirmed. What a life! The tougher it gets, however, the closer I am to you, Honoria darling.