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April 18th 1942

We arrived here, O’Donnell, Tarlac province about 3:30 or 4:00 A.M., April 11th. It is an uncompleted P.A. Camp which has been both looted and partially burned by the natives. We were counted, then lectured by the Camp C.O., a retired Capt. J.A. In substance; we are P.W. and at his mercy, we are the eternal enemies of Japan. We have no rank, will wear no insignia, we will salute all Japanese regardless of rank. We will be shot if we commit various offences such as attempted escape, arson, failure to obey and others. We and our things are searched n and again. At last about 4:00 P.M., we are taken to one of the buildings and crowded in. Food in the way of rice is provided to be cooked by our men, Thus, the days go by, rice is our only food. Finally, after vigorous protests, we obtained a little salt and finally some camotes and go[u]rds. As our men and officers began to come in, and Gen. King finally arrived, he was put in command, and his Adj., Halstead, made the single contact with the Japanese. Water is a terrible problem. I finally went to the Gen. to see if something could be done. I got the job. Our men after the long forced march from Bataan arrive completely dehydrated. There is but one small pump to supply us, and the thousands of P.A. on the other side of camp. No washing or bathing. We have no razors, so no shaving. It is terribly hot. I try to keep the pump running and finally I get the Filipino operator relieved and some good American mechanics put on. I set up priority on the few outlets, put on Officer guards, get permission to go to nearby creek and draw water for cooking (all must be boiled). Men stand in line for hours and leave without water. Our Dr. try to get a Hosp started, no medicine, buildings with no floors, our men weak from lack of food in Bataan, Then the terrible Death march up with no food, no water, are dying by scores. What little food we brought in is given for the sick. The older officers are pitiful. The end of their long service P. of W. Little hope of survival.
Some of all ranks and ages just give up and die. God is good I can eat the rice, I can work to keep the water running.