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April 21, 1942

I have been hoping for rain in Bataan, but it remains clear there all the time. We had a little rain there about six weeks ago, but none since. I believe that rain will seriously hamper the activities of the Japs in Bataan, as the roads in the southern end will soon be impassable. Once the rainy season starts it will be increasingly difficult for them to do anything with this place. In the meantime we must take steps to secure more rations and AA ammunition. Steps have already been taken, but now it is a question of getting them here. I am hoping that plans which have been made will produce some results. We have been very quiet here today. A couple of bombing attacks, and a very little shelling for a short time only. No damage was done. After all the shelling and bombing we have experienced recently it seems to be unusually quiet. There are some indications that the Japs are preparing for a landing attack. It is known that some launches have been prepared and that rehearsals of landing attacks have been carried on for some period.