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24 Apr. ’42

Full AM of baggage inspection by Japanese Navy officers, also inspecting their rooms. Confiscated flash lights, binoculars, batteries, helmets and gas masks. Cigarettes were excluded In excess of 500 and 100 cigars. Departure of draft of 72 began at one PM. Officers allowed to take beds, but thick mattresses refused as they appeared better than the Japanese used so was able to compromise with the thin mattresses. All chairs left and only sugar and flour allowed out of the ten days rations. Golf clubs might be used as weapons so all were taken to the Manila Sanitarium where the Japanese say they have established a Naval Hospital, and may be returned after the war. We are moving to the Pasay Elementary School, formerly used by our recovered patients. We hear they have been moved to Bilibid and we will have the school as a hospital center. The rest of us will be transferred in a few days, and while not as comfortable as here hope to be fairly well off. Electric fans not allowed, but such is war.