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April 9-25, 1942

There was no more news from Bataan Gen’l King who surrendered to the Japanese was not again heard from. Later at Sta Tomas we learned from Domei news reporter he & other generals & colonels were taken to Taiwan (Formosa).

We were all sorry to have left our patients in Bataan but as it turned out it made no difference as the Japanese separated us when we came to Manila the patients & doctors being taken to Bilibid & we to Sta Tomas.

In the tunnel we were not so busy we admitted cases of shell & bomb fragnent injuries. We had some malarias men who had been in Bataan.

2 did two weeks night duty as night supervision. One Apr 25 night the the Japanese got a direct hit on the C entrance to the tunnel. Men had been out there smoking & getting fresh air. Sitting opposite clinic you could
tell that the hit was very close & soon the casualties were brought in arms torn off. Legs just hanging on. Nurses were called from qtrs. to assist. Tournequets had already been applied & M/Sgt given to all pts. operating &
dressing room were busy doing amputations, suturing & dressings 40 were admitted & about 19 others were killed.

After that 2 never went outside to stey any length of times. Just a few seconds now & then for a breath of fresh air. One could never tell when a shell might get a direct hit. With bombing we usually had air raid warnings
& we’d all hurry inside. Even then many times the planes could be heard before the warning. Col Porker was killed that way when a dive bomber swooped down & dropped a bomb before any warning was sounded & cover could be taken.