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April 30, 1942

For the last couple of days, aerial attacks on Corrregidor have persisted intensely. An escapee from Bataan said that they are suffering from incessant bombings by hundreds of planes coming from all directions. Bataan has a length of some 70 kilometers while Corregidor is an island of two or three kilometers in width. Therefore, they cannot possibly be attacked simultaneously by so many bombers.

According to Tokyo, the carpet bombing is being launched to effect the surrender. Radio San Francisco, however, claims that Corregidor is still resisting. No attempts have been made to predict how long the resistance will endure.

Water in Manila is very scarce. Due to Japanese mismanagement of the waterwork system, water cannot be properly distributed. Electricity is likewise being rationed. Electic wires have disappeared and the operation of the electic plant is deficient.