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April 30, 1942

One more month’s pay to my credit with the government. I hope they are paying the allotment regularly to Dorothy. It doesn’t seem possible that I’ve been here over four months, and yet a great deal has happened in that time. This island has changed radically. When I arrived all the buildings were intact and in fine repair, as Corregidor had not yet been attacked. Now there isn’t a building on the island which hasn’t been hit. Practically all of the frame buildings have burned. Some concrete buildings are still standing, although they are all damaged. The entire island is a mass of wreckage. It is difficult to keep the roads in condition, as they are constantly being hit by shells or bombs. However, the important features of the island are kept in a good state of repair. Although it looks bad to the observer its ability to resist is still very high. We were bombed and shelled again today almost as much as we were yesterday. Thirteen bombing attacks, and shells falling late into the night. It is difficult to get in a sunbath these days. The Japs have successfully landed at Cotabato in Mindanao on the 29th.