May 1, 1942

The Japs are really beginning to get rough since the 29th, and it appears that they have settled down in earnest to pounding this island until it is a total wreck. The heavy artillery bombardment and bombing attacks were continued today. We were almost continuously under air raid alarms during the day, and it was seldom that shells were not falling somewhere on the island. Apparently the Japs want to reduce this place before the beginning of the rainy season. They are going after Mindanao in earnest also. They landed troops on April 29th from five transports, escorted by two destroyers. Our troops opposed them at Cotabato but were driven back. Cotabato is not far from Lake Lanao and they are pushing in that direction. I fear that Mindanao will soon be gone—at least the Japs will get control of all the coastline, and places of importance such as Del Monte. Then they will turn their attention in earnest to the task of taking Corregidor. They are now gradually destroying the guns here.

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