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Sunday May 3, 1942

Eating good portions of rice and at times camotes or squash is not a bad diet. We need protiens to build up our strength and unless we get some soon I fear for what little strength we have left.

Our camp is located in a flat country with no shade except the shacks. The sun is at it’s warmest at this time of year. There are many in the hospital. The AC boys are in pretty bad shape but I hope most of them will pull through. Hamilton is a tower of strength. Crabtree is very sick. Pruitt and Holloman died two days ago.

I go on a detail this PMl. It is purely supervisory. The soreness in my leg is gradually leaving but there isn’t much strength. Keeping away from dysentery and malarla ls the big problem.

My bunk is on the second tier in a nipa shack. The slats are hard and irregular but one get used to sleeping on anything. The water supply is very limited and leaves none for bathing. A sponge is about all. We received 1 cigarette in honor of the Emperor’s birthday this morning. Will try to buy some if I can.