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May 4, 1942

Another day of heavy bombing and shelling. The Japs really poured on the artillery today, and bombed us fourteen times. They also fired on boats in the south harbor and hit a couple of them. At the present rate we will soon be out of boats. We are rapidly losing them. The artillery continues to destroy a certain amount of our weapons each day. The Japs are firing a large number of projectiles each day, and the law of averages requires that they hit a certain amount of our materiel. This attrition will place us in a bad position in a few more days at this rate. Gen. Wainwright had a radio from SWPA this a.m. inquiring about Gen. King’s surrender and reasons therefor. Apparently someone in the War Department is investigating the matter. Sorry to see that matter being pushed by anyone as Gen. King is a fine gentleman. Aside from the intense artillery fire and bombardment the day was quiet officially. The enemy is undoubtedly getting ready to assault the islands. Just when it will come is the question. It is certain that we cannot put up the defense now that would have been possible a month ago.