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10 May 1942

By communicating with ths Line of Communications Office, got a passenger ticket to go by train tomorrow to the force to which I am attached in BAGUIO, as well as lodging and meal tickets. After lunch, went by horse carriage to the house of Mr. (TN Blank), a lawyer and former member of the PHILIPPINE House of Representatives, whom I met on the train Yesterday. I was surprised that, although the high official’s children were a woman doctor and a teacher, he lived in a very unrefined manner, For the first time I saw a high class FILIPINO house. The son and daughter welcomed mo warmly. They gave me beer and delicious looking sweets.

Left the party and went alone by horse carriage to the home of Mr. BANNO, Higoo, who works at the local Specie Bank, to deliver to him tho message from Mr. ZENACHI of ISO. Mr. BANNO welcomed and feasted me. There I met a Private First Class KUBO, Sukuze from ISO, ond so I was able to give him the things which had been ordered. I heard from Mr. BANNO about his imprisonment by FILIPINO soldiers immediately after the outbreak
of the war, and from KUBO about the opposed landings until the battle line on BATAAN was breached.