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13 May 1942

DAMORTIS — BAGUIO. Clear. Had breakfast at a nearby ration issuing place. While I was lying down, a message came from the Line of Communication Headquarters that there was a truck going to BAGUIO, and to come to the Line of Communications Headquarters by 1300 hours. Therefore, immediately after finishing lunch, went there. There were 20 or 30 soldiers also going to BAGUIO. We rode in Six trucks from DAMORTIS. Our truck broke down several times en-route, and we ware more than two hours later than the others. We wound along a very dangerous zig-zag road up a high mountain. This road was constructed by the JAPANESE. Beginning in 1903, they spent two years on this road; and 750 JAPANESE died while constructing it. It was past 6 of’clock when we arrived at NARA Group Headquarters in BAGUIO situated on a cool hill 1800 meters above the sea.