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May 30, 1942

Today the truce is supposed to be signed and we are all so anxious and worried as to the outcome of it all. Coné and Capt. Alvarado left two days ago for headquarters and should arrive there today. We have heard that there are Japanese soldiers on the road, so they must walk by night. You can imagine how we feel as the trip is quite hazardous, but we hope and pray they will have a safe journey. I do not know whether Coné will be disbanded or have to surrender with the Army.

There is a big shortage of food, soap, salt, matches and materials. In fact, you cannot buy any. We are very fortunate as we still can buy eggs and chickens, and once in a while a cow or pig is butchered. We do not open any of our can goods, for when the rainy season comes there will be nothing to buy, and then we must depend on our supplies. To save on our supplies and fuel (wood) we eat two big meals a day. Only coffee in the morning and the children drink milk (from Dorothy’s cow) and eat oatmeal. Then at 1:30 we eat lunch and have dinner at 5:00.