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June 7, 1942

Our guests are becoming more and more irritating. Familiarity has degenerated into contempt, and they keep on commandeering the little that is still left with us: beds, chairs, tables, etc. Utensils borrowed from us are never returned, and as we cannot distinguish one face from the others, we cannot identify the borrowers to be able to reclaim our wares. They invade our rooms, ransacking them at their pleasure. Sometimes they would offer a few centavos for something that had cost us several pesos to buy.

We appealed to the Religious Section to send us an interpreter through whom we might file our protest. A seminarian who spoke a little Spanish came and he brought us to the Philippine Chamber of Commerce where the chiefs hold their offices. I aired our complaints before them. Shortly after, three officers showed up to investigate how and when we were molested, promising to put up a stop to the abuses. It proved effective. They have stopped molesting us.