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June 19, 1942

I attended a meeting of the directors of private colleges, called and presided over by Secretary Recto of the Department of Public Instruction. There were about a hundred of us, including the Filipino chiefs and the Japanese advisers who, I suspected, did not understand a word of what was being discussed during the three long hours of the meeting. At least, some of them had drowsed off.

Purportedly, the assembly was to discuss the educational problem during these difficult circumstances. Actually, however, the objective was to lecture to us on the meaning of the Co-Prosperity Sphere and the obligation of accepting it and seeing to it that it was recognized by the teachers and students. Enthusiastic pro-Japanese discourses were delivered, with fervent praises for the masters of the New Sphere. How the world, or better still, how some men have changed!

It is hard to believe how much such rabid followers of the Americans could change overnight into pro-Japanese worshippers.