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July 12, 1942

A former student came to see me. I did not recognize him at first. He had been in the dungeons of Fort Santiago. He was arrested because they thought that he was one of those who had distributed anti Japanese leaflets. He vehemently denied the charges. Since the torturers could not get a confession from him, they changed tactics, telling him that one of his companions was accusing him of complicity. Since he insisted on his innocence, he was made to face his accuser with the hands cut off and still bleeding.

When he wouldn’t relent, the torturers changed tactics again: “We know that you are guilty even though you persist in denying your guilt. We will set you free on one condition: On such a date you will visit your friend and talk with him against Japan.”

Since he did not want to betray his friend, he bade farewell and escaped to the mountains.