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July 22, 1942

The searching of residences and residents of Manila has begun. Taking advantage of the torrential downpours which prevented many city residents from leaving their houses, the military police is conducting an intensive search for arms and prohibited paraphernalia, tracing every nook and corner for possible signs of communications, collaboration or relationships with the enemy. Ostensibly, the search is being directed towards discovering firearms, radio transmitters and other means of communication. They are also looking for clandestine anti-Japanese propaganda leaflets which are mysteriously circulating in large quantities.

Yesterday, the search was conducted in Tondo, extending today through San Juan and New Manila. Not even the church and the Santuario in San Juan was exempted.

The press reported that 18 persons were sentenced to death by the military court and executed. Some of them were killed for looting military installations, others for propagating false pro-American rumors. There are indications that this was not all there is to it. The press is silent about other death penalties.