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October 11, 1942

Being a Sunday today, I got a special half day evening pass starting 1500H  from the San Lazaro Hospital to visit my sick wife with the provision that I will return immediately should there be a surprise check by BC HQ.  Providentially, after alighting from my bus at Taft Ave. corner Tennessee St., walking eastward towards where my wife resides, I was surprised to see Maj. Manuel P. Enriquez (Manolo) our Tactical O. at PMA, walking in opposite direction near Colorado St. corner.  Manolo seems surprised too to see me and since my wife’s residence is only a block away, I invited him to come with me for a private talk.

I knew Maj. Enriquez is not supposed to be in Manila as he is the  ExO of LCol. G. Nakar of the 14th Inf. Guerillas in Cagayan Valley. After arriving home and finding my wife’s fever had subsided, Manolo and I secluded ourselves in a private room.  Maj. Enriquez told me he is on a secret mission for the 14th Inf.  I told him I was paroled to the BC and my predicament is that I refused to go to my assignment in Lanao.  He claimed to have a man at BC HQ named Maj. Pedro Jaminola.  Manolo then asked me, “If I can have you assigned in N. Vizcaya where my units are, are you willing to work with us?”  Without hesitation I answered in the affirmative.  He said he will contact Maj. Jaminola accordingly and that he will be in touch with me later after he got my wife’s address and phone number.  With that understanding, Manolo left.  I am very hopeful that Maj. Enriquez can do something to help me out of my predicament.  Meantime, I stayed with my wife who felt much better by midnight when I returned to the hospital as if nothing happened.