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November 10, 1942

Three days ago I went to Estrella’s house which is located along the main road (about 11⁄2 miles from here) to meet Don Ramon Lopez, an old family friend. He was able to escape from Jaro. He had to leave Jaro at once as a Japanese soldier was killed in front of his house, and the Japanese were after him. He escaped during the night by crawling for some distance. He is now being held by the army for questioning and I was not able to meet with him, although he wrote me a note saying that Coné is alright and that he (Don Ramon) has been giving him ₱25.00 for his personal needs. Mrs. Lopez and family are in their house in Jaro where Japanese guards have been posted outside. I hope nothing happens to them.

I was very happy to know that Coné is safe and well as we have heard so many rumors from the grapevine (Radio Puwak) that some prisoners have been sent away and others have been shot.

I remained for two days at Estrella’s house and while I was there I met many army officers. Capt. Dolar told me that they were able to make contact with the U.S. and they were asked to give three serial numbers of three American officers in Panay to make sure the U.S. was making the right contact. They were also told that the Filipino soldiers and officers would be inducted into the U.S. Army. The Filipinos asked for arms, and the reply came that arms would be sent by planes and dropped from parachutes sometime this month. The Filipino soldiers and officers are jubilant over the idea of their being inducted into the U.S. Army and paid with dollars.