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November 18, 1942

A few days ago, there were rumors that Msgr. Finneman, Apostolic Vicar of Mindoro, was arrested in that island, but that his whereabouts were unknown. We learned that the Apostolic Delegate was notified that Msgr. Finneman was already dead, without any information as to how, where and when.

After futile inquiries, the Apostolic Delegate wrote to the Chief of the UST prisoners who was also in charge of the relations between aliens from the Third Powers and the Army. He was informed that Msgr. Finneman was arrested on October 24 for serious crimes against the Military Administration. On October 26, he was placed aboard a vessel and asked to give an account of his nefarious activities. Due to some laxity in guarding him, he was able to escape. After an hour of searching for him, he was given up as drowned. Undoubtedly, so the report concluded, his conscience bothered him so much and, aggravated by the seriousness of his crime for which he had to give an account, he decided to commit suicide.

However, persons who came from Mindoro rendered a totally different account. They said that the Bishop was arrested for having refused to allow the police to enter the sisters’ college, knowing that they had some evil intentions in wanting to do so. Before he was taken aboard, he was manhandled and beaten up. He looked terrible after the punishment, and the police, not wanting to bring him to Manila in that condition, threw him overboard.