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November 22, 1942

Yesterday about noon we heard the sound of mortar fire – they give off a very loud, explosive noise and at first we thought it was a cannon. We have heard the fighting took place in Zarraga and Leganes (two small towns between Iloilo and Barotac).

This morning at 2:00 a.m. we were awakened by the sound of shooting, and it seemed nearer, but in spite of the firing, I soon went back to sleep again as I feel we are safe here. This morning many evacuees passed by our house on their way to safer places. They told us the Japanese had landed in Dumangas (a coastal town right next to Barotac), and our Army met them. I am so afraid the Japanese will get through to Barotac, and if they should go by our farm they might burn the house down. Oh well, “paciencia” (patience) as the Spanish say. We can no longer help it.