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November 27, 1942

Last night we sat outside watching the burning of the towns of Barotac and Dumangas from our hilltop home. A fine Thanksgiving gift the Japanese gave us – striking at our forces at several different points! Our Army had to retreat and they are burning everything along the road. We heard that the town of Dinglé was burned on November 25. There are no towns intact. The soldiers in this vicinity expect the Japanese to advance; there may be fighting about 1⁄2 mile from us.

This morning the children were sent to a safer place, further in the hills with some of our belongings. The rest of us are just waiting to hear any shooting. As soon as we do, we will leave at once.

One can still see people passing by with no place to go. At this very moment I can see the barracks and the town of Anilao in flames. The fire is getting closer to the town of San Carlos, where Estrella’s house is located. We are all alert and ready to flee.