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December 20, 1942

I am now sitting near the air raid shelter writing. Yesterday was something terrible. The planes came at daylight and bombed and machine gunned all around us. A bomb fell about a block from us. The bombing continued until 11:00 a.m. and then the Japanese came in their trucks. One of Estrella’s workers saw them pass by on the road and he said there were a lot of trucks with soldiers, and some of the soldiers were walking. They also had a small tank with them.

We ate our lunch in the shelter not knowing whether there would be fighting along the road. Thank God they continued on their way. However, they stopped at Estrella’s house along the road, cooked their lunch and took their baths outside by the rainwater tanks. Before leaving they left some propaganda material.

Last night we could hear the sound of machine guns and trench mortars. It sounded like there was fighting in Barotac Viejo.