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December 24, 1942 (Christmas Eve)

We are very grateful the Japanese have passed and no planes flew overhead today. We are gathered around the Christmas tree singing, “Silent Night, Holy Night” – I could not help but brush away a tear as I thought of Coné and you dear folks at home.

Our tree is a little artificial one that we have used for several years, and I brought it along with us when we evacuated. We decorated it with cotton and hung those Christmas seals that Evelyn sent me two years ago – they are quite effective and look very pretty. Instead of lights we used the red caña buds and the children found some bell-shaped flowers which look like ornaments – so in spite of all, our little tree looks attractive.

Millard (age 9) said, “I don’t think Santa Clause can come. He may get shot.” Roland (age 5) answered, “Of course, he can’t come. The Japanese may bomb him.” I am glad the children realize that it is impossible for Santa Clause to visit us this year.