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December 26 (Saturday), 1942

Rōvama, Sugimura, Suekawa, Ōshima, five deputy members, and Secretary Akiyama gathered at the residence of Mr. Murata. Rōyama made a brief report on progress in preparing a program of procedure for the Commission’s inquiry.

The Commission met on December 29, 31, 1942 and on January 4, 6, and 11, 1943, to go over the draft “Frame of Reference” to guide the Commission in conducting its inquiry. At these meetings, members of the Commission, Messrs. Rōyama, Tōhata, Suekawa, Ōshima, Sugimura, and Itō, all made observations on the draft, particularly on those aspects falling under their special jurisdictions. These meetings were held to draw up an outline of “Objectives and Scope” of the investigatory activities for the general guidance of the Commission. Hon. Murata presided over these meetings and made occasional comments.