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May 8, 1943

General Tojo left as he came, by plane and without previous notice. He flew yesterday to Formosa, the central airstrip of the Manila-Fukuoka-Tokyo line. He conveyed the impression that the Filipino people are unanimously, spontaneously and very effectively collaborating with the Military Administration, in line with the true intention of Japan.

Nobody could discern for certain what the real motive of the visit of Tojo was. To preside over a couple of parades, donate one hundred thousand pesos to the Constabulary and a set of earthenware to President Vargas, reiterate for the third time the promise of Independence and to issue declarations, did not call for a personal visit in such spectacular and dramatic circumstances.

Indo-China, Siam, Burma, Malaya and the Dutch Indies, on the other hand, were visited by Minister Aoki, but the Philippines was graced by the Cabinet President and War Minister himself. This fact is more significant than the gifts and declarations. But who is there to fathom the mysterious depths of the Oriental mind?