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September 8, 1943

The Constitution was ratified yesterday by some kind of a Constitutional Assembly composed of 117 delegates chosen by the Kalibapi from among the old delegates and government officials. They also wanted to make it appear that the Constitution was ratified by popular plebiscite. The plan was that, after the delegates had approved the Constitution, they would place themselves at the balcony of the Legislative building to be present, who would shout “Mabuhay” three times in popular approval of the Constitution.

To this end, government employees, students, members of the neighborhood associations and factory workers were mobilized. They were posted there since eight in the morning, but as the delegates did not show up till noon, most of the people dispersed without showing the least interest in the Constitution or the plebiscite.

Needless to say, the delegates approved the Constitution unanimously. No one proposed any amendment, any modification, nor any comments. Those who had been assigned to speak their piece spoke in favor of the Constitution, and everbody responded, “Amen.”