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October 6, 1943

First chance I have had to write since I moved. I no longer have an enlisted Bks. Arm a casual officer. Bihi 30 now have gone early and in late everyday. Groom and Punean and I have a pretty nice place fixed up with Bamboo and shelter halves. Be O.K. if Japs dont make us tear it down. Have been on location the past few days for a Jap Picture. Title. “Down with Stars and Stripes”. First day they had us march over the hill through burning wreakage and trees and smoke with white flags. Some even given guns. Yesterday the detailed was to 200 I they gave us full field equipment and we pulled some in[f]antry skiwishes and rushes. West through ground bombs that threw dirt 300 ft high. It was dangerous, but luckily no one was hurt. Men acted seems very well and Japs were pleased, but we are not here to please them. Falling dead and blowing my machine gun. Nests were parlled off very realistically. Didn’t go out this morning because I had no long khaki pants. Detailed may go to Bataan and I should like to go to Bataan very much. The chance may present itself.

Wonder how may would like to live in Chumking, China. I have a chance for a good job there when this is over.