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March 15, 1944

Things have quieted down again and we are living a normal life in the city, with the exception of the high prices. Every once in a while, the guerrillas start some trouble. Last week around 500 P.C. (Philippine Constabulary soldiers who were inducted by the Japanese Army) were kidnapped by guerrillas and taken to the mountains. We suspect the P.C. wanted to be kidnapped. It is rumored that the Japanese are going to conduct an intense campaign throughout the islands to clean up the guerrillas.

The Jaro Elementary School (across the street from us) is now being used as a garrison for the Japanese Army and there are many soldiers staying there. Some of them come to visit us. We never speak about the war. Dolly does most of the talking in Nippongo (Japanese), although some of them speak English. A young officer came one day and he could speak English very well. He asked me all about my family and said he was very sorry I could not hear from home.