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June 23, 1944 (Friday)

Waseda University. Accompanied by a Formosan friend, I went with Cruz, Peña and Sison to visit Waseda University, which is about 10 minutes’ bus ride from our dormitory. The university campus and buildings have a very dignified appearance, something like the Imperial University with its typical tower and lanes lined by trees.

We dropped in at the library and going over the index files in the English section, I noticed there were many English books about the Philippines, about an inch thick of index cards. We also saw the historic residence with its beautiful garden of Marquis [Shigenobu] Okuma, founder of the university and one of Japan’s foremost leaders. Marquis Okuma’s statue in the center of the university stands out conspicuously among the buildings and trees. Took a few souvenir pictures. Bought a French language book (Y3) at a second-hand book store outside the university premises.

Manila Tribune. Received several copies of the Tribune tonight through General Satō.