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July 17, 1944 (Monday)

Had exams in school. We were told to write in Nippongo the workings of a police outpost in Japan.

With Baroness Tōgō. After class this p.m. with Quiambao, visited Baroness Tōgō, wife of Baron Tōgō, member of the House of Peers, at her residence at Aoyama Minami-chō The baroness and her beautiful daughter-in-law entertained us so very hospitably. We enjoyed talking to them and listening to records of Hawaiian songs, some of which were composed by a son of the Baroness. Before leaving the place, the Baroness gave each of us beautiful Japanese fans as souvenirs. I hope
we visit her again.

At the Hospital. Dropped in at Daitōa Hospital tonight to visit Villarin, Nene Vargas and Johnny de Leon.