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October 11, 1944

All quiet today. The alert signal is still hoisted. According to the Japanese News bulletin, “American task forces are now in Philippine waters.”

It is raining very hard, although the sun was shining this morning. I am feeling much better, my nerves are quieter and the asthma does not bother me so often. I have gained 3 lbs.. and my weight is now 95 lbs.. Coné and the children are well, and they are still at the house of Dr. and Mrs. Bernas.

This morning I bought a can of salmon (2 lb. size) for 75 Pesos. One small sweet potato costs 5 Pesos. Brown rice costs 2,500 Pesos a sack.

In President Laurel’s (puppet president) message to the people, he states, “There will be no conscription of men (Filipinos), but the people must help in providing food for the Japanese Forces.”