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October 19, 1944

This is a continuation of yesterday. When I heard the heavy drone of planes, Susie, Dolly and I went downstairs to the dining room, which is all concrete. There were already many people there seeking shelter, and I was somewhat amused to see two men trying to get under a table.

Some of us went outside to see the planes – there were about 40 of them, but when they came nearer and started their dive towards the airport we immediately went inside. My, what a racket when they opened fire! One Spanish priest told me it was like “Hell let loose!”.

Iloilo was bombed again, but only military objectives were the targets. I don’t believe there were any casualties.

You folks back home would marvel at the faith and confidence the Filipino people have in the Americans. It makes me proud of my country and people. Also, the Spanish people here have nothing but praise for our pilots. They are so careful in their bombing and are sure of their objective before releasing their bombs.

Coné came to see me after the raid. My nerves are much better since I have seen how careful our pilots are in the raids. Although my cough is worse and he says it is advisable for me to rest completely in bed, so I decided to go back to the house (Dr. and Mrs. Bernas’s house, where the rest of the family are still living). I went home that same afternoon at 5:30 p.m.