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27 October 1944

GQ at 0500. The other force was being attacked. We could see the AA fire from here. We were left alone. Secured at 0800. Up until 1300 we have had little rest. No air attack. GQ set again at 1400. One Jap Val went down. At night another Jap plane was hit. She made a mad dive at one of our Liberty ships and hit her on the after part of the ship setting her on fire. The next day she was low in the water but still afloat. Had a large hole in her. Tonight we received a PC about 120 survivors from the Destroyer Escort USS ROBERTS who were in the sea battle and also a group from the Aircraft Carrier USS CAMBE BAY [GAMBIER BAY], which was sunk. We expected 350 more about 2400. They arrived at 0400 on 28 October.