28 October 1944

0130 Started receiving aboard 350 survivors including 150 stretcher cases from sea battle of the 26th. Working all night, feeding, clothing and caring for men. A pitiful sight. Many men and officers with only a pair of underdrawers on or maybe a just a towel around them. Giving them all the help and care we can. Issued supplies to US DD-649. Chaplain held burial services for 26 men from. US DD-649 which ship got 3 big hits amidship in big battle. Issued clothing and ship’s store articles to survivors. USS GAMBIER BAY (CVE-73) sunk off east of Leyte. Ship abandoned about 0820, sunk about 0930. About 500 men lost, 250 of her survivors taken aboard APA44. CV PRINCETON sunk in same battle and 4 other carriers damaged by 2 Jap BB’s, 6 CLs and several DDs. Three GQs todays. 12 Jap planes shot down near west side of Leyte.

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