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November 10, 1944

Last night was very stormy, but we all slept well. Dolly and Junior are eating a little more food and feel stronger today.

It is still raining, and we wondered why the roof was leaking, so Meñing went up to see and found three big bullet holes.

The Filipinos are doing a fine job rescuing our downed pilots. Last week a large plane had to make a forced landing in the sea. A fisherman saw it and immediately went to the rescue. Four American crewmen were rescued and brought to the shore of Leganes (about 20 kms from Iloilo). They were immediately taken to a safe hiding place.

Today three Japanese soldiers form the garrison across the street came to the house. I served them tea and “suman” (a native dessert of sticky rice, sugar and coconut milk). One of them asked if I were Spanish. I told him I was American. His expression never changed and then he said, “You and me are friends.” These soldiers are beginning to look war-torn as some of them have been here since the Japanese invasion, or have been in other tropical areas, and it’s telling on them.