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November 12, 1944

We have spent quiet nights since the first of November, but the rumor is that the guerrillas (USAFFE) may come in any time. We all sleep downstairs where the walls are reinforced. Even the precious cow and her 1-year old calf are brought inside at night.

This morning we saw three planes and they appeared to be chasing one another. Shortly after, a heavy drone was heard and I looked out and saw 35 silver planes – they looked so beautiful in the sky.

The Japanese sentinel across the street shouted a warning and rang the bell, as they expected an air raid. The planes kept flying over, and later we heard bombing – perhaps over the sea where Japanese ships might have been sighted.

All the civilians who had evacuated to San Jose College, San Agustin College and the seminary had to leave and return to their homes by order of the Japanese Military Administration. For those whose homes were burned or are occupied by Japanese soldiers, they will have to look for housing elsewhere.

Dolly and Junior are feeling better every day.