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14 November 1944

Another quiet night, but Japs started flying in out of the sun while we were at breakfast. The AA gave them all they had, & then our fighters took over. A twin-engined bomber was shot down by the (?) ships it was about to attack. Just as we arrived back at the Institute, a Zero streaked overhead, heading for the hills, with light AA hot on his tail and the big black (?) of the 90-mm’s all around him, Two P38’s were stooging around in a bank of cloud, waiting. They dived down on the hapless Jap, one of them swerved courteously aside, and the other closed in and finished the Zero off in a burst of flame. The Jap didn’t have a chance. The chaps in our backyard
jumped & yelled as if they were at a football match.

The Japs are expected to begin their offensive in the western part of the island today or tomorrow.