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November 19, 1944

Last night about 6:30 after supper, I was looking out the bedroom window when a shot rang out and it seemed so close that it just whistled by! Believe me – I ducked and ran downstairs! The boys were in the yard and they, too, ran inside. Dolly was still eating, but when the bullets became more numerous, she, too, ran downstairs. Coné was on his way to a house call and was near the plaza (main square) when the machine gunning began. I was concerned for him, as it is not safe to be on the streets. Soon after, he came home peddling his bike pretty fast, and he no more than entered the house when more bullets started flying!

Around 10:00 p.m. we saw a fire in the direction of the Philippine Central College – (there is nothing left of that building, except for the cement walls) and we heard shooting. The Japanese were firing in that direction, and after a while the shooting stopped. We all slept well after that.

We heard that the fighting is now concentrated about 7 km (5 miles) from the city. Today we can hear the sound of cannon fire, trench mortars and machine guns.

This morning at 11:00 a.m. we heard heavy bombing somewhere near us and then we heard the air raid siren. The planes did not bomb the city, perhaps some ships out on the sea.

Last night when the first shot was fired, the cow and calf were in their shed eating, and in no time at all they ran to the door of their shelter, pushed it open and went in! (The downstairs area is ground level). Budigoy (our dog) is the same – when he hears shooting, he seeks shelter. They are not so dumb – they know there is danger in the shooting. Even the chickens and pigs take cover when they hear planes!