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November 21, 1944

Poor Jerry, he will collapse when it is over and he can let down the strain. He says when he has a pain there, he doesn’t know
whether it is his back or his stomach. Up topside, they have all been on starvation diet for weeks. The Formosans asked the wood crew today why they didn’t bring their rice out with them to eat at noon and the wood crew replied they hadn’t had any noon rice for months, only a camote. The Formosans looked surprised (none of the guards like camotes) and asked why they didn’t use some of their money to buy rice to which they replied they did not have any money—it was put in the bank and they weren’t allowed to spend. This stopped them. Now the termite process will begin—the guards will feel sorry and help them buy with jewelry in exchange. Maybe I’ll lose my earrings after all.