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November 25, 1944

Announcement of marriage of Kaye and Charlie on Thanksgiving Day is posted on the Bulletin Board, It is to be in church, by
invitation only. It is the logical outcome to a camp romance though there are many pros and cons and ideas as usual.

Jerry says we just knocked the pants off the enemy in Leyte. The Japanese soldiers had only rifles, nothing else. How awful to pour in those young kids with nothing to fight with. Yet is is We or They, Our turn now. If only they would give in, instead of national hara-kiri. The wood crew struck, without any noon meal of rice, so Suda persuaded Oura to exchange camotes for rice
for them. It is less in weight but all to their advantage. They watched the guards eat rice and meat right in front of them at noon and could not stand it anymore. The Formosans are losing their gaunt look with good chow here.

Our men cut wood for them.