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Sunday, November 26, 1944

This morning three Japanese soldiers came to the house looking for eggs. The hens we have are not laying, and I told them the few eggs we have, we bought at the market for 20 Pesos each. I gave them tea. I always serve tea whenever anyone comes to the house. Those who have come to the house are very respectful. They are not always like this with other people. In some cases, they go straight to the kitchen and help themselves to the food. I think it all depends on how they are treated. While they were in the house, four American planes flew over very low. After the soldiers left, two Japanese officers came to the house. One of them we had already met last year. A few minutes later, the sound of a heavy drone of planes was heard. We are glad they did not bomb. It makes us extra nervous to have Japanese in the house when American planes fly over. The planes flew off in the direction of Negros and soon after the sound of bombing was heard.