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December 21, 1944

Last night we heard a plane around 9:30 p.m. Although we could no longer hear its drone, suddenly there was a terrible explosion and the house shook! There was no further explosion after this and there was no shooting from the USAFFE. We slept the remainder of the night.

Planes flying overhead awakened us this morning, and all morning we could hear bombing somewhere. At 10:00 a.m. we saw three Japanese planes and one flew very low over our house. Fifteen minutes later we saw 18 American planes. They separated and one flew very low over the rice field behind our house. We all ran for shelter –- some of the other planes machine gunned and bombed the airport.

This afternoon, men were seen entering the vacant house next door. One of the rice pickers suspected them and he immediately notified the relatives of the owner. When the niece of the owner arrived, the floor was already burning. She was able to put out the fire with the aid of Puding, our maid.