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December 26, 1944

Air raid alarm at 10:30 a.m. Three B-24’s and five P-33’s came over. No rough stuff however. Note: Planes dropped leaflets over City on the nights of Dec. 24-25.

Going back for an important note. On the morning of Dec. 25, Tex Cochran, Deputy in charge of the Patrols at the Gym, (my former job) stopped a man by the name of Staples from going across the walk before time. Staples pulled a knife and cut Tex in the neck and abdomen. Tex nearly bled to death. Someone else knocked Staples down and cut his head. He was also cut with his own knife. Both are in the hospital.

On the night of Dec. 23, Carroll Grenell, Chairman of the Internees Committee and a man by the name of Larsen who works in Grenell’s office, together with Duggelby who is the head of the Family Aid Committee were locked in the cam jail by the Japanese. Grenell’s office and shanty were sealed. A number of papers were taken from Duggelby’s office. Larsen was later released but the other two are still in jail. No one seems to know the straight story.

On X’Mas Eve we were given a little over a tablespoon of jam and 1/2 of a small round of chocolate (15 grams), the first sweet for over 1 1/2 months. I ate my chocolate and kept my jam for X’mas. However, at breakfast on X’mas we had a mixture of coconut milk, sugar and chocolate for our mush. So we had a wonderful breakfast. Two ladles of mush with the chocolate mixture and coffee which looked and tasted like weak dish water. I kept my jam for my mush on Tuesday morning.

For supper on X’mas we had to small ladles of fried rice with some camotes and canned meat in it. A very sumptuous meal, no? By the way, two ladles is double our usual rationing of rice.

We have been getting two ladles of cornmeal mush for breakfast with a thimble full of coconut milk and coffee if and when. One small ladle of “lugao” at noon, ah, so thin. At night one ladle of rice and vegetable gravy.

We are out of coconuts again. The army can’t get any. So no more milk. Last night, Dec. 26, we were told there would be no more coffee. No milk, no sugar, no coffee, no bananas, for a long time now. You can get a calamansi about once every 7 to 10 days.

My stomach must think my throat is cut. My weight, 126 lbs. My spirit, as good as always.