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December 28, 1944

No air raids; very quiet.

We started the day with just mush. No sugar, milk or coffee. Two small ladles of mush 70% rice 30% cornmeal. Incidentally, there is no more corn unless the J.A. brings in some more. Tomorrow for breakfast will be just plain rice mush. Not much nourishment to that.

This noon we had a very small cupful of soup made of talinum and camote leaves. Tasted like very weak dishwater.

For supper we fared a little better. We had a small ladle of rice, a ladle of camotes cooked with the skins on, a spoonful of mixed camote and talinum greens and a ladle of so-called gravy made of other vegetables.

I have never had a square meal for 7 months and for the last four months never more than 1/3 enough to satisfy my hunger. And, oh, boy, am I hungry.