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17th day Jan. 13, 1945

Why is Col. Andrews killing the pig? Poor creature! He is a lively animal. Poor thing! My heart goes with him.

It’s amazing how my difficulty in breathing after meals has disappeared since I left Sn. Joaquin. The salt in the sea breeze must have burnt out the substance that weighed upon my lungs.

But when would Gen. McArthur lift us out of here.

Why should America be fighting on Philippine soil at this juncture for such an idea as democracy? What’s the magic in this term?

Just think 800 ships in convoy carrying soldiers, supplies, construction materials, guns, etc. costing billions of dollars for unloading on our soil to accomplish a terrible task of destruction! If these billions were invested in construction projects on a peacetime basis, what happiness and prosperity they would bring to the Filipino people.

Americans dying for the Filipinos! This is the greatest wonder of modern time!

American capital was unfavorable to investing in the Philippines on account of political uncertainty here. Yet, hundred of thousands of American lives and billions in good sound American dollars are now being offered as sacrifices at the altar of democracy here in the Philippines. What a paradox!

Poor civilians in Manila. They are between two fires. They sought, many of them, security there. Now they are in hot water.

The seekers of ease and comfort are now sitting on a pin cushion.