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29th Day, Jan. 25, 1945

The trip has been suspended. I am not sorry at all, although I wanted to go as early as possible.

Yet the day is very fruitful. I have met Gen. Willoughby. He told me that my letter to F. Caram has made me a world figure. It is being quoted in many war documents.

Berting Roque came in this afternoon and ate his supper with us tonight. He escaped from Manila.

Germany will be collapsing within sixty days.

Japan will collapse in the Philippines before the end of year.

This is the first day in three years that I have put on a new pair of shoes. This is also the first time in three years that I have socks. What a change!

Gen. Willoughby gave me to understand that the collaborators will be getting their just due. I felt happy on account of this assurance.

I received this afternoon a laudatory message from Gen. MacArthur.