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Thursday, Jan. 25th, 1945

Visited my garden at the hospital today. The onions are beginning to grow. Two tomato plants, which planted themselves, are sprouting; the mungo beans are tall; the ginger looks droopy; the mint perky. I talked to Mr. Carey, our chief interpreter. He is in the hospital. The wood crew is throwing benches and furniture from the third floor. They are also cutting down trees, except the ones the Japanese use to hide their trucks. Every day the kitchen burns up a load of chairs and benches. The fuel shortage is acute. Went to early church. It was the anniversary of Bishop Wilner’s consecration. We had coffee for breakfast, and at lunch we had a gift of pudding and more coffee. Ella F made the pudding from casava flour, burnt sugar, and Klim, with a spoonful of Karo on each serving. It was delicious. I haven’t felt so good in a long time as I did after our good dessert and coffee. I’ve been happy all day. I gave Mell the doll I made for her from old stockings and electric wire. Mell is three years old, and loves her doll.